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Basics, tips an techniques on engineering, design, simulation and manufacturing of analogue and digital electronic circuits. EDA tools, commercial and open source. Model libraries and component data sheets. Links to semiconductor companies and distributors. Soldering, manufacturing, measurement, test and equipment. [More...]

Computer & IT

Basics, tips and techniques here too. Things worth knowing abaout programming and script languages, algorithms and file formats. Tips to web design, clip art galleries and templates. Resources of open standard applications available also for other platforms than Micro$oft™. [More...]


Home pages of various Linux distributions, projects and applications. Links to forums and mailing lists, collections of frequently asked questions. Online manuals and How-to… tutorials. Linux online magazines and portal sites. [More...]


Various useful links that do not really fit into the other categories. [More...]


About my time at the German navy on the mine hunting boat „Cuxhaven“. [More...]

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